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Originally Posted by TMAllison View Post
Scroll to bottom of this window and on the left, set the pull down window to LOW graphics. No more pop ups.....
I just tried that. I'll see how it goes. Thanks for the tip!

Back to the white smoke... my '93 arrived in winter and coughed, sputtered, blew white smoke, and generally ran poorly at lower RPMs (but sometimes could cough at speed). Click here and here for some short videos of what it looked and sounded like.

Since the car was shipped from Alabama, I thought it might be non-winterized fuel, or old/bad fuel (it didn't smell good). That's when I found the chain was stretched and the IP timing was retarded (17 or 18 ATDC, I think). Adjusting the IP timing to spec helped a lot, but didn't cure it entirely. Replacing the chain, re-adjusting IP timing (it will change with the new chain), and fresh fuel cured it entirely. Hasn't sputtered since.

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