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Code 6 on DM is telling you to go to EA module at pin 14 for EA/ISC codes.

Do it as soon as the problem arises.

1 No fault found
2 EA/CC/ISC control module (N4/1) or Safety contact switch (M16/1s1) or Stop lamp
switch or Cruise control switch or Actual value potentiometer or Starter lock-out/back-up
lamp switch or engine speed signal or vehicle speed signal or closed throttle position
switch or safety relay in EA/CC/ISC control module
3 Right EA/CC/ISC actuator (left cylinder bank) (M16/1)
4 Cruise control switch (S40)
5 Stop lamp switch (S9/1)
6 Starter lock-out/backup lamp switch
7 CAN data bus signal from EA/CC/ISC, ABS/ASR, HFM-SFI or LH-SFI (right or left)
control module faulty.
8 Left front axle vehicle speed sensor from ABS/ASR control module
9 Left rear axle vehicle speed sensor from ABS/ASR control module or in 124 chassis
Hall-effect speed sensor.
10 Engine speed signal (TN) from base module (LH-SFI) or engine control module (HFMSFI)
11 Closed throttle recognition signal to engine control module (HFM-SFI or Left LH-SFI)
Fuel safety shut-off to engine control module (HFM-SFI or left or right LH-SFI)
12 EA/CC/ISC control module voltage supply
13 Left EA/CC/ISC actuator (right cylinder bank) or actual value potentiometer (M16/4r1 or
M16/4r2) or actuator motor (M16/4m1)or magnetic clutch (M16/4k1).
14 Closed throttle position contact switch
15 CAN data exchange with ABS/ASR control module illogical
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