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ebenz, I went ahead and ordered the Bosch all-clears from bekkers (my '95 has the partial-clear ones). The smoked lenses did look great from a distance (better than the plain clears imho), and this was the reason I gave the seller for having so few returned in the past - most people are happy if the car looks good from a distance or as you are passing other cars on the street.

He claimed that they've sold over 200 pair over the last year without complaints and he wanted to know the specifics on my car so that he could 'research the situation'.

I kindly told him that I'm not the only one with these concerns/observations (based on my reading here). I told him about the gaps and bulges in the rubber surround, and that I had to trim excess plastic off the clips to even make them 'fit', even then, they didn't snap in solidy and tight like the factory boschs. Maybe I just got a bad set, as Bosch or Hella could easily do as well (as the Cap'n duly notes), but I'm just not impressed.

I'm afraid he'll find the 'situation' is that they simply are not manufactered to as high a standard. Though with how many there are on either side of this fence, who knows?

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