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The down and simple of it is as follows:

Propane is additional fuel. Period.

By their nature, diesels usually have more air than is used by the fuel in combustion whereas with gasoline engines, the ratio has to remain between 15 and 17% in order for the fuel to burn. Since diesels have this excess air, the propane has extra oxygen to burn. If you calculate the BTU factor by mileage, you will see that you basically are getting the same BTU/mile. Sure, more diesel mileage, but that's because your are using the propane for fuel.

The best propane injection systems have a fail-safe off control and are governed by boost pressure. You can put too much propane into and engine and the results are a very good boat anchor. Calibration is very important, but things can still happen.

Overall, with the cost of propane rising, I doubt that you will see any $$$ savings either.

Remember, if you are carrying propane that is hooked up to your engine as a fuel, you must have an DOT approved tank. The ones that are used for home grills will not do the trick legally.
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