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Solved - follow up

Thanks for the help on this.

The problem was a dirty air filter! Shame on me!

Normally I change them every 3rd oil change, or 9,000 miles. I've only had this car for 6,000 miles so far, and it looked pretty new when I got it. I changed the stock filter out for a 3-stage foam filter and my problem went away. We're breathing freely now!

Arthur, I checked my coil-to-plug connectors and they are the old part numbers, indicating that they are original. Per everyone's experience here, I am going to upgrade/replace them with the new part number.

Next I need to check my OVP to see if it's the original Siemens part. If so, it's next.

Brian, I'll file your diagnosis away for next time - but hopefully I won't have to replace that mass air sensor anytime soon (not cheap!).

Thanks again.

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