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Marc Lenssen
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who knows

Hello All,

Again thanks for all the info and tips, Jay, where is that hose situated that you had replaced? There´s a photo of my engine bay included in previous post in this thread.

Gilly: I have checked the wiring harness and the insulation of the wiring itself looks good, not brittle but flexible like it should be. So it either has been replaced or has never had the problem. I checked the spark plugs again because I also read some threads on those. I had exchanged them for copper core Itanium ones from Bosch. The tips were clean but light grey, I think this indicates a lean mixture going towards starvation?
While doing this I noticed that one of the ignition coils was not a 100% locked in position. When I pushed it to see if it was in al the way I could hear it click over the last part of the spark plug. Maybe this could cause a stall in a bumpy ride. I doubt it but one never knows and hope floats.

A lean mixture and a low idle are thingstha are not easy to change. I know from reading these forum threads that there are possibilities but usually the TEC speak is already driving me insane. If someone answers in this thread please describe the part to me visually and the location also. I have added a photo of my bay and can add photo´s of any part that I can see with my cam so that we can agree on what part is mentioned in a thread.

So far so good, I need to take her out today so lets see if she stalls or hicks after having the ignition coils refastened.

Thansk all and since it is a saturday morning here, have a nice weekend.
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