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Motor oil, antifreeze, now ebay. It should have been expected.

I agree with Barndoor on this one. ebay is just another avenue to see what's available throughout the coutry and more and more througout the world. The only difference between sitting in Juneau browsing through ebay and browsing through a Dallas newspaper is that the Dallas newspaper doesn't allow you to buy a car by clicking a button.

If folks want to blame ebay when they purchase a lemon that's up to them. My uneducated guess is that they would buy a lemon form the guy down the street or Joecar Used Car Dealer in town. The only thing ebay is guilty of is providing a light trigger to folks with itchy fingers.

I don't recommend ebay as the way the general population should buy a used car, but folks should take advantage of the forum and put it to their advantage in terms of what ebay provides. Make friends with folks whose contributions parallel the way you think. Build a network of contacts throughout the country, whose opinions you'd value as much as your own. When you see a car that appeals to you, use the network to help you investigate that car.

I've been on this list for a while and I've gotten to know something about a number of folks. There are a number of folks whose opinions I'd trust. TXBill and Barndoor are among these folks. If there was a car I was interested in in Houston or Oregon, by golly these are the folks I'd ask to help me assess it. I'd be sure I made it up to them.

Of course the best thing is to have a tech you know inspect a local car. But if you're like me and are interested in MB models that aren't common in your area, you have to get creative... within the bounds of common sense. There isn't a choice of 5 300SDLs at any given time within 100 miles of here. I have to use tools like Hemmings, and ebay to find that elusive white 300SDL with gray leather.

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