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New engine


How much could I expect to pay for a good 300E 24v engine,and would it fit in to a 230E chassis,Iv'e been looking very closlely at the owners manual (for the dimensions) & the Haynes manual for tech stuff.Both cars are exactly the lengh/width/hight,obviously the 300 is slightly heavier,theres a slight diffirence in max oil pressures the 230E being 8.5 bar (approx) and the 300E 12.0 bar,I put that down the oil pump on the 300,or is there something else?.
Also that transmission looks very similar too,or am I missing something,I take it that the engine mounts are diffirent in the bay (or are they),and if there,how diffirent?,like I say is this posible,I know there would be quite alot of work in doing this,any help/advise on this matter will be greatly apprecaited thanks.
The cheapest one of those Iv'e seen is 4500,and thats a 90',I'd just like the challenge.

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