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Talking Xenon Lights Installed! '99 E (w210)

First off - all apologies - I can't find my digital camera anywhere! I wanted to post pics of the install.

Glad to say - installed! I ordered the xenon replacement kit from Tony at Bekkers Imports. I thought I was buying OEM parts, however a Hella kit came. In any case, I found out Hella manufactures all of the OEM xenons for bmw and mercedes. Oh well, in any case, the lights came in two(huge) boxes. They are the complete headlamp assemblies. No instructions included - just parts in a box. I was skeptical about installing them etc, as i'm no mechanic by any means.

THIS INSTALL WAS A JOKE! It was literally a matter of about 4 bolts to unscrew, and 2 plugs to pull out. Reverse the process - and the lights are in.

Note - I disconnected the battery (+) cable to do the install as someone else on this board recommended it. Dunno if its necessary or not, but it took 2 mins to take the back seat out and do it, and thats probably worth not getting zapped or electrocuted!

Also - my radio reset and asked for a code - but this was easily fixed by opening my owners manual packet - and theres a card right there that says radio code card.

I bolted everything back in place, put away all the tools etc, started the car up, and turned the lights on. Nice and blue!! The lenses look much cooler too.

In any case, the only thing I haven't done is aim them. When I turned them on in my dark garage, they appeared to be shooting straight forward on my wall. I've never aimed the lights before - Any tips on headlight aiming? I wonder how i'll know if they're off?

So my advice to anyone considering installing it, go for it. Even with my limited mechanical knowledge, this was a no-brainer. All you need is a socket, extension, and a few sockets, the one I used most was 7mm.

Enjoy, and friviolous blue lights for everyone!
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