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Marc Lenssen
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Hick up and stalling.

Hello All,

I use FR8D+ plugs with indeed a 0.8mm gap.

After making certain that every coil snapped and indeed one of them needed the extra snap I drove her around a bit on the freeway and on bumpy roads. And behold my amazement that so far no hickups and no stalling (yet). The stalling might indeed be caused by fuel shutting down after a misfire. If this happens while slowing to a halt the engine will drop to zero without even making a sound. So besides exchanging the OVP and the fuel pump relay this is about the cheapest thing I ever did to this car. Toke it out for a spin and really pushed the pedal later this evening, problemo what so ever!!!!!

I will keep you all posted if any trouble reappears. So far, really thanks a lot for all the tips.


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