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Thank you. Just looking at the pics of the rebuilt and mine which is still on the car they sure looked close, and with the model years so close I figured it might be the same.

What happened is I used the defog setting and I assume that the AC is used to condense the moisture out of the cabin in this mode. Well I'm guessing that I have a system leak and lost the Freon and at least some of the oil. I was on a 200 mile highway trip and I noticed the engine temp. higher than usual not much but by 5 degrees, I figured as I was running 80 to 85 that was normal, when I got into town things just didn't cool off like I expected. So after a few minutes I pulled over and popped the hood. I really couldn't see anything out of the ordinary so I went and grabbed a flashlight and shut the engine down. I was giving every thing the once over and when I was looking at the serpentine belt I noticed it looked strange, as I looked closer I could see that the outside of it seemed to have granulated rubber on it, tiny pieces the size of sand grains, I touched it and they came loose! I was amazed as this was a new Continental belt with less than 2K on it. I looked close all over to see if something was rubbing it but couldn't find anything. I started it up and went back to look under the hood as I came around the corner I looked and saw that the AC clutch pulley was not turning with the belt, in fact the belt was running around it. I assume the friction heated the belt and was starting to cause it to breakdown. I unplugged the AC clutch electrical connector and then it would free wheel. Drove to the nearest foreign auto parts got a new belt and did a parking lot change-out and drove 200 miles home. I havenít started on fixing this but ran across the compressor and figured I'd check it out. Yeah I anticipate possibly replacing the whole AC circuit depending on how the flush works out, I guess sometimes that doesn't work because the Nippo compressor has Teflon coated pistons that destruct when it fails sending metal and Teflon through the system. If thatís what happens I'm going to try to figure out if I can use the AC setup off a newer model (90? 350SDL) that is designed for 134A if I've got to replace every thing. I don't know if it would work or fit but itís something to think about. I guess the 134A condenser is designed thermally larger more tubes or surface area, so I've heard. If I go that route and can't use this compressor I can probably sell it.
So thanks again for the compatibility conformation!
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