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Ok to finish the thread. I feel dumb even admitting what the sound was, but Brian's post was right, "operator error" lol. It was the shock on the idler pulley. The bushing to bolt wasn't tight and it'd rattle a bit while coming down to idle or at times while idling. I put a rubber washer on the bolt between the shock and engine block and it's silent. So it wasn't the IP, just a rattle of an old car. The stop button still makes it's sound when pressed but I'm guessing that's normal.

On another note... I was at a diesel injection shop a few weeks ago having my injectors pop tested and they had some pump on a bench and they were spinning it on a machine. That you could hear. Without the engine noise the IP spinning for a bench test at different RPMs sounded just like the engine. I think it was a 4 cyl box truck IP because it was a quieter version that was resemblent of a small Isuzu or Mitsubishi type engine running. Sounded pretty cool actually! Wouldn't mind an IP in a case somewhere on display in my garage. Cool souding little thing! Pretty neat.
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