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Originally Posted by DieselAddict View Post
But if you look at the Sun's radiation over the last 30 years, it has NOT increased (other than going through its regular 11-year cycle which is currently delayed).
Oh is that so?

By analyzing the amount of titanium 44, a radioactive isotope, the team found a significant increase in the Sun's radioactive output during the 20th century.

Nothing is for certain. One thing is for certain is that when the Earth warms, CO2 levels go up... in response to that warming CO2 is released from the Oceans in magnatudes that dwarf what man produces. However it is all "contributory" but... it is a "result" of Global warming, not the cause of it... We all know that, in spite of which side we take on that part of the issue, that man should lessen his contribution and lessen his need for Fossil Fuels, and do his part to not contribute. However the emphasis needs also be way more on adapting to Global warming more than just reducing mans contribution to it. Because it does occur with or without his contribution... and we have to adapt to whatever climate the Universe throws at us. We should expend far more effort on adapting and preparing for alternate Crops and survival than we do blaming the cause on something. We can do all we want reducing the Mans contribution and it still will occur and then what do we do? Man is not the only cause. And many will argue they are a minor part of it all.

And renewable Diesel fuel holds the most promise for helping reduce dependence on the non renewable form of fuel.

See how I got back to Diesel?

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