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There is a thread on energy which provides a link to diesel fuel from a tree at .

The EPA is currently conducting an emissions test comparing biodiesel with diesel. While the manufacturers groups claim lower emissions ( ), early studies indicate the mix of the nitrous oxides and the size of the particulate emissions from BioD results in a emission profile that seems more hazardous than conventional diesel. Apparently the NOx mixtures are harder on health and the environment, and the particulates are much more hazardous to health than regular diesel particulates. They apparently are more in the form of 'ultrafine' particles such as those produced by the CDI diesels, which have extremely adverse health effects - pulmonary and cardiac among others. All the emissions data is listed for unused biodiesel - recycled vegetable cooking oils open a whole new can of worms!

The NOx emissions and the ultrafine particulates seem related for both fuels. Adding the NOx filters in European CDI diesels magnifies the ultrafine problem, deleting the NO filter releases unacceptable NOx emissions and mixtures. A yet-to-be-developed 'converter' for diesels to collect and neutralize ultrafine particles is needed, possibly by clumping the ultrafines into large particles that are less hazardous and more easily collected.

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