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On a previous post I asked for advice about a misfiring and stalling 89 190e 2.6. I got plenty of advice and things are a little better but the problems persist. The cause may be temperature related in part. When I start it up in the am it misfires and lopes and generally stalls when put in gear. By the time it reaches 80deg, it seems to settle down and drives fine .It will, however lose power unpredictably while driving. At speed it feels like I lost a cylinder and backfires. This usually stops in a few miles, and things may be fine for the rest of the run. It has the same problem if it sits for a few hours and cools down.
All previous Benzmat suggestions have been implemented New Relays etc, and a cis temp sensor, and a new but bad o2 sensor was replaced.
btw I have run a tankful with techron and the cat is ok

89 190e 2.6 105k