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Question W124 rear head rests (long-ish post ...)

Hi, All

I spent a few days reading anything that mentions 'rear head rest*' in the archives and are not really any wiser. Most posts refer to failures on the mechanisms, a few are for retrofitting - but details are scarce ....

I had a look at the W124 MB USA CD set and was dissappointed at the omission of any real detailed info on the rear head rests. Haynes were even more scampy with info ...

I had the rear head rests removed by the previous owner to make space for a set of speakers. Nice holes cut in the 'hat rack' and I saw the screw holes were the amp was mounted ...

I have the head rest switch on the dash and I can hear a faint relay click upon pressing this switch. I also found some vacuum tubing on top of the fuel tank (white with blue tracer) that is not connected to anything. It sure looks like the necessary kit are in place to operate the head rests ...

I do want to re-install the head rests (I found the keyhole shaped mounting holes in the metal frame underneath the carpet top) but I need the necessary parts.

Since I do not know what is needed, I would really appreciate some pointers (pics will help immensely) before I attack the 'trusty salvage yard around the corner' for the parts.

From the posts in the archive I could determine the following as requirements:
- 2 head rests (which I did get to fill the open speaker holes)
- 4 plastic fittings that allows the metal shafts on the head rest to go through the 'hat rack' to the mechanics to be below.
- mechanical parts (vacuum and electrical) for the two head rests
- carpet cover for the 'hat rack' that will allow the speaker holes cut in to the metal to be covered.

Part numbers for the necessary kit will be of enormous help when I do visit the slavage yard - they tend to dismantle every merc to nuts and bolts level so it will be a few hours spent hunting for the correct numbers ....

Your advice are appreciated.

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