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I understand the difference in size, yet, they got a 300 million occupancy.

I've been Coast 2 Coast with my own wheels 3x, I got a good idea of the dimensions.

If you can build the most breath taking skyscrapers, you can develop a horizontal system as well, can't you?

I understand there are issues, for ex. here in earthquake country, to secure a reliable track for a bullet train, but I am convinced it can be done.
They improved Mullhollands water delivery system, after many years of broken aquaducts, because of the constant motion of the surface crust.

Things can be done, it depends on the focus. They fly into outaspace on a routine schedule, but they can't run a fast train network across their own soil???

Eh!? What's up with that

They can put 2 billion $$$ into 1 bomber plane to fly nonstop from here to the ME and back, but can't do better than the obsolete Greyhounds on wornout interstates???
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