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Here is a great example of the flat hour rate at work, especially on an older car.

When I had my steering box rebuilt, I went to the local Tech to inquire about the cost of a bench job, wherein I pull the box and let him rebuild it. The cost was 3.5 hours plus the kit. The Tech then told me to bring the car in, he'd pull the box and rebuild for $300 flat ( a very thin profit margin by "book").

Well, the Tech ended up spending an extra four hours on getting one allen cap screw out that had been stripped out by the PO's mechanic. This cap screw had to come out to remove the steering box.

Didn't cost me one dime over $300. You can bet though that when I came back by the shop I had a case of the Tech's favorite beverage, by golly he'd earned it. Because of service like this, he does get the jobs I can't or just don't have the time to do, which aren't too many. He also gets a lot a referals from me - darn near as many as I give out for MercedesShop .
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