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Water pump on most 103 engines only pay 5.3 hrs, unless it is a 190e2.6 then it goes up to 7.3 hrs. This job usually takes me not long. Now here it comes again experience counts , I have done hundreds but regardless it pays what it pays. Now on 103 if we do the head we do the lower timing cover also( reseal) this whole job pays 16.4 hours. How many times have I had to pull the radiator to drill out the bolt for the fan clutch ( no extra charge). It will be rounded from the guy before me . Yes we charge by book but alot of the times I dont charge extra for rounded bolts etc. If you do this job 5 days a week you know exactly what I am talking about . I wont say how long it takes me to do the water pump or the head but I will say you have to make up for what you loose , I dont get many gripes from my customers about labor times cause most of theme know their time is money also. Besides if it is fixed right they dont mind paying, now if it is not right ,well you chance on losing that customer. We do help out customers who are loyal and have been with us as long as 15 years. Without them we dont have a paycheck so we make sure they are always happy and always right.
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