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Originally Posted by Crappy Gas Pipe View Post
Does 650 bucks sound good for just labor. I already bought all the parts from MercedesShop. 2 New rotors, 2 Wheel bearings, 2 Caliper rebuild kits, 2 brake lines, 2 brake pad kits & brake sensors. This kid knows the car and does good work. PepBoys said they would do it for less..........What do you think?
If I were in your shoes and decided to pay $500 or more for these jobs, I would just ask the mechanic if I could observe the job 'so that I can learn how to do this job + I really like working on my car." (caveat: some mechanics don't like to have someone 'stand over them' so tread carefully.)

You can learn how to do the jobs, gain peace of mind by knowing that the jobs got done, ascertain whether or not the jobs are/were actually necessary, and gain confidence to do work on your car in the future.

How many miles on your car and what are you driving?
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