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Hi LightMan. Thanks for your reply and for starting an interesting thread!. Yes, there is an orifice restriction to limit the volume diverted, However, it still seems to me that even if restricted, volume is only restricted since hydraulically, about the same pressure exists.....we are back to the issue of pressure across the element and its effectivenes. So, the question is how effective is the BMK13? or in other words, you need extra hardware to properly bypass.......there are no shortcuts.......or BMK13 is marginal when compared to the more hardware intensive BMK11 with lines going to the sump(another issue, you may not want to return to the top of the engine on account of flooding??) or the statement is : the only way to safely and properly bypas the oil is : restrict the volume (orifice), apply maximum pressure across the element, and return to the sump (to avoid flooding on top during high RPM on account of different engine architecture plans?) PLease comment. Thank you all for your great input.
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