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Also, I know that someone at the shop has to find the part, order the part, etc, etc. Then there are administrative overhead.

Do not forget the mechanic (shop) gets a healthy cut in the parts ordered if they order the parts. I heard typically between 15% - 30%.

Maybe someone can offer a flat rate lookup service. Like Carfax, you know. $5 - $10 per lookup so we won't let some of the rotten dealership cheat the customers.

Euro 287: Thank you for all your insights on this topic. So if someone has a 190E 2.6, they would have to cough up (7.3 hr) x ($100/hr) + $150 (for the water pump and seals) = $880 at a typical dealership for a water pump R&R! That is what makes MB expensive to own, the high flat rate. I still cannot image any car wold require 7.3 hrs to have the water pump replaced. If it does take that long, then it is badly design to begin with, like a MB.

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