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Folks are in business to make money. The “rate” at which they are paid determines the pay for all. Ask our Webmaster or Benzmac about what kind of investment you have to build a shop, stock it, and then spend money for advertising, labor, and customer satisfaction items. It is not hard to figure out there is a real need for charging folks a chunk of change. And yes, the rates are supposed to permit the shop to profit. Get over it.

Personally, I want my mechanic to be happy and competent in their work. If so, ultimately I’ll be able to spend more times with my customers and less time screwing around at their shop due to the need for repeat work. If this means that I have to pay 5 hours for what I might think is a 2 hour job, I may be upset for about a day and then let it go.

There are an awful lot of folks who use every spending session as exercise an in anger mis-management. Some are outright jealous of those they pay. That means the problem is with the person spending the money; not the one making it.

After all, how many folks reading this thread ever discount their employer because of slow work or unexpected problems or having to do something more than once, or sometimes, just to be nice? Hmmmmmm? No, an employee wants their guaranteed “flat” hourly or salary rate. That’s also part of being in business, but you NEVER see the typical employee offer a discount. If you don’t pay your employees, they won’t even show up. After all, everything that goes wrong at work is all the employer’s fault, right? Why then, are car repair folks somehow perceived to be except from sometimes charging more, and sometimes giving the customer an exceptionally good deal, while most of the time charging a flat, and admittedly profit making rate? Again, folks are in business to make money.

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