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Labenz I tip my hat at you, you have hit a point that all of us here have been trying to make. Thank you. After all us (technicians @ owners ) will never be millionaires. The only thing I am in this buisness for is that I have been working on cars for 16 years ( 6) professionaly. I love my job , I love the cars and I love making my customers happy. My boss and everyone that works with me knows , the day I dont like my job anymore I will quit and do something else I will love. I am only 26 , I plan on working on these cars the rest of my life, how long will you own your car? I hope for a long time .I always help my customers when they want to do something themeselves. This site is probably the best around that mercedes owners can go on to get help. Everytime I hear someone opening a new shop I salute them for having the guts to jump into this crazy industry, I plan on having mine soon in the next 2 years . Saving money now for it .When I do I will run it the best I can but my technicians will be paid very well cause they have family's too. Thats my 2 cents
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