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Originally Posted by BoomInTheTrunk View Post
no it wouldn't, you can get zebrano veneers very cheap. There are some on ebay for 10 dollars and its 11 sq. ft. and then if you buy it from the manufacturer its only like 11 dollars a sq. ft. Thats not alot of money.
Yeah, you could definately veneer that for a reasonable price ... I made a custom panel for my boost guage with real zebrano veneer and also refinished the wood on the shiftgate and cc ... it all matches, and it wasn't that expensive. I got the zebrano on eBay for <$15 IIRC, including shipping. Then just play around with stains until you get something pretty and lacquer (I used Magnalac w/ paint gun but you could use something even cheaper in a spray can).

That said, if you like the aluminum look, just stick with that. It's your car! Personally I like the wood, but the aluminum has a unique look, and if it suits you, who cares what the rest of us prefer?

As for my cupholder ... I purchased a fine, high-line plastic cupholder from Pep Boys for $3.99. It goes on the vents above the cc panel. Maybe not the classiest part of my car, but it looks very subtle and it has nobly carried my Starbucks for a few years now.
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