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just some more feedback on those pesky "upshift delay" problems.

simple check out for function, unplug the hose leading to the bowden cable from the upshift delay swwitchover valve and apply a hand vacum of 20 hg or so, drive it, it should sift under very light throttle at 2400 or so for most 103's and 104's, if it dont, adjust the cable. Its the 5mm hex on the backside of the upshift delay actuator on the r'h side of the tranny. Not all models have 1-2 delay such as the 202.028 (c280, 1995), check the book for your model.

if it functions correctly, add in a vacum guage on the actuator side of the vacum line, with a stone cold motor (20c) drive it easy and your vacum guage should read about 16 to25 hg for 80 seconds or so and fall to zero after the 2-3 shift. If it dosen't start looking at electrical funtion of the switchover valve (activated by HFM/SFI) and put 12v and ground to the valve to make sure it works. (benz also says to add in a DVOM to see the votage provided by HFM).

I've recently had my butt kicked by a repeated upshift fault and am pretty familar with the players. HFM, ECT, bowden cable, vacum dist. block, DM and the swichover valve.

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