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headlight horror...problem :(

Hey guys, on my 1989 300SEL, i've had nothing but problems with my left headlight. About a month ago, the headlight went out, I figured ok, just need a replacement. Threw the replacement in, still nothing. I tried flicking on my high beams, and if my high beams were on, the light lit up. I'm like ok, what's the deal. I pull out the bulb again and examine the socket to find out that the socket had melted where the low beam current made contact with the light? It's a three prong socket, and one of the holes, the very left most I believe, was completely melted. So we took it in to the dealer and they replaced it with a new plastic blue socket. Things were fine until today, it went back out, and once again, only the high beam kicks the light on. The socket does not look melted, I have no clue what is wrong with it. Anyone have any ideas? Is too much current being sucked in? How can I check? I have the 2 cd W126 shop manual set, anywhere I can check in there? Anything!!!

Thanks guys/gals!
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