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Here's the opinion of a former motor oil man.
What you got is a fairly simple basic lab analysis which is missing several important points.
Soot,Oxidation, NOX, TBN. H2O, Fuel content, Visc. are all indicative of a fairly healty oil. All results are very acceptable.
I see no result for coolant content,, total acid number (TAN), nothing on Ph, foam stability, flash/pour point. These are normally tests/result made on serious oil analysis.
At 35,000k, your engine is not what is considered in the feild as a ''still beaking-in', engine. The result show fairly high content of Fe, Ca, Zn,P (I assume Pb for lead) for such a new oil
Fe (iron) come from cylinder walls, camshaft, lifters
P (or Pb) and Zinc normally come from the bottom end of the engine (mostly crankshaft bearings) and show a seriously high content for such a new oil.
Don't think that Amsoil has cleansed the enside of the engine and that the use of other oil has contaminated the engine. At 35,000 with regular oil change, this engine is still as clean as new.
The results can also be biased by how the oil sample was taken. If you took it through the dip stick hole after the engine as cooled down a bit, all residues have drained/deposited at the bottom of the pan. An oil sample is normally taken from a hot engine which has been stopped for less than 10 minutes.
You may believe at Amsoil as being a miracle oil that will do wonder (I don't) but I respect your opinion.
As I sometime say, I'd rather have my engine bath in frech mineral oil than in a 10,000mi oil synthetic (Amsoil or any other) oil.
Sorry for the long post
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