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I think that the alarm (at least the basics) are factory. The master keys (I don't have the others) have the red dots, the owner's manual references the system, the red light that I mentioned is an integral part of the original dash molding next to the ignition switch. When the system activates, it behaves as the manual describes, 150 secs of flashing lights. The relays that control it change at the appropriate intervals for the horn alarm, but the horn does not sound. The switch I mentioned is definitely backyard mechanic. It is a light gauge (perhaps 20 to 22 AWG) twin lead wire that comes out of the drivers side under the shift console cover. It has a small toggle switch attached. Flipping it back and forth MIGHT make the red light by the ignition switch go on and/or off, but appears to have no other effect. There is what appears to be a non-factory horn (made in Taiwan is all I can read) mounted in engine compartment on right wheel well. Nicely installed, but non-functional. As I said, the part the goes on at random appears to be factory. Thanks for any help.