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Fuel filters - how often should you change?

I have a 190E 2.6, it is stumbling with the economy gauge going into the red and if I put the pedal to the floor I can get maybe 110 km/h max, then, out of nowhere all the power is restored!!!

I don't get it!

I have been driving on the highway often lately back and forth from school to home on weekends which is 700km round trip.

I enjoy driving between 140-150km/h for the 2.25 hours each way because it feels so good!

Do you think I have a fuel system problem? I fill up often.

My fuel pump(s) are fine I think, constantly hissing as always.

I also notice that, if the car begins to stumble, if I turn it off and then turn it on again problem is gone!

What do you guys think?

Your help would be appreciated, I am a Co-op student without a co-op job yet, living on a student line of credit that is about to dry up, hopefully will be employed in April.

Just replaced the plugs myself, one almost was pushed out recenntly, retorqued without incident.

Please offer anything that comes to mind.
Thank you,
Mike McKinney
190E 2.6 - 244 000 km
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