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if it were me, i would put a battery from a different car in it to solve the "click" issue. If its clicking then the interlock is not the problem, you either have a dead battery, or a bad starter. from your post it sounds like you have been nursing an almost dead battery and all of the cranking put it over the edge. jumping to a dead battery wont work either because the cable that you can buy now are too small to carry enough amps to crank it over. the cables are made to suppliment the battery in your car not carry enough current to replace it.

Once you get the new battery in and it turns over dont crank it. put your injector lines back on, then pump the primer pump until you here a buzzing noise from the injection pump. if you pump for a couple of minutes and dont get the buzzing noise, then your primer pump is most likely bad. replace the primer pump and then pump it until it buzzes. it should start then

the reason it didnt start is that the empty filter got air in the injection pump. no amount of cranking will ever get the air out. the primer will push the air out once you pump it enough for it to make the buzzing noise. once the air is out the injection pump will be able to provide fuel pressure to the injectors.

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