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Originally Posted by erickson13455 View Post
I put my truck battery in the car and it didn't help.

Does this mean that the starter is most likely bad? I tried looking for the wires to jumper, to start the starter, but couldn't find them. I saw a metal box with a few coils in it by the passenger wheel well. That had a plug on it with 8 pins?

I am having my car towed to mechanics tomorrow, anything else to try?


if its clicking it rules out the nuetral safety switch.

if you put in a known battery and it displays the same issue then it sounds like you might have burned up the starter, the cable to the starter, the ground to the engine or the selenoid on the starter that sets the bendix. you should be able to follow the cables from the starter to the battery. there will be a starter selenoid somewhere by the battery if its like a Ford or on the starter if its like a GM. I have never tried to hot jump a MB starter so I dont know where the selenoid is. once you find it jump the small terminal to the battery cable to energize the selenoid to turn the starter. please make sure you know what terminals you are crossing or dont do it as you will have unfused high amp current from the battery

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