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Question trying to locate abs ecu

Hi Folks,

I've got a 1996 C220 (w202). My reliable independent MB mechanic checked out my semi/non operating ABS (wheels will lock and sometimes do that weird low speed "feels like abs is semi operating" thing many have mentioned. He checked/cleaned all sensors (good signal), abs modulator, signals to ecu etc. and said I need a new ABS ECU. He suggested I search for a used one and offered to do so. I've taken on the search. Armed with my part # off the unit I tracked down several units (Bosch) that would not fit! Mine is ATE and has a 12/96 production date. Car is 1996, but was rebuilt. How can the same part number be used on two very different parts? Any tips on where I can locate a remanufactured or used ABS ecu?


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