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If it weren't for MercedesShop, I'd sell my Benz

I have been looking for a 75 degree C thermostat for my W126, 117 motor after I discovered that they do exist(I found one in a 380 sel, 116 motor from a parts car). After checking all my usual sources, which are quite good btw, with no luck, I called Phil at PartsShop, for the first time I might add. To make a long story short, it arrived yesterday and it was a Wahler 75 degree just like I wanted and for ONLY $13. I put the used one I found in my car as a test and it lowered my engine temp to 80 around town. Car still warms up in 5 minutes in the am and gas mileage is the same, the temp just stays down where I think it should be in this hot place. Today it will be 80!! Now I have a new spare thanks to Phil and PartsShop. Thanks, Phil
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