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Please Help Me Fix My Ashtray

If someone could help me fix this annoying problem, I would greatly appreciate it.

In my 202 I use the ashtray as a coin holder. Some change fell behind the ashtray, and now it won’t close.

My basic question is “how to remove the ashtray assembly” so that I can clean behind it?

I searched this great forum and found information for a 210 and 202…

"To remove the ashtray, lift the shifter trim with a thin plastic wedge (a credit card will also work). Then pop the shifter wood trim straight up using a suitable wedge type of tool (carefully as the wood is easily damaged). Once removed there are two black-headed screws that hold the ashtray in place. Remove these then rotate the ashtray assembly out and up."

"Remove lower console wood (pull up plastic shift trim surrounding, from there, you can pull up the console wood from the front end.). Pull out "sunglass" bin below the ashtray (the small storage pocket). You should then see 2 screws at the bottom of the ashtray, on either side. Unscrew them, pulling out the entire ashtray mechanism, while releasing/sliding it from the storage pocket (or) cassette holders (whichever you have). And try and figure it out from there with the unit out."

Before I dig in, can anyone confirm from experience that this procedure would work for my 202? This seems like overkill to me and I am hoping there a simpler way that I am overlooking?

Thank you in advance,

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