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Jerry McG
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Thanks to MB Doc for he;lping with the specs. I had it in to the dealer on Monday and they confirmed it was out. The front toe was set at .28 degrees, vs the spec of .20. It was all on the right side as well. It looked to me like the front camber was ok, but the rear was out as well and they reset it back within spec.

The shop foreman claimed the W210 was extremely sensitive and that fractions of a degree can make a difference. There's also very little adjustment available, even with the bolt kits installed. Who knows why mfrs restrict a basic adjustment requirememt like this.

One question for MB Doc, the combined toe of the rear wheels resulted in a thrust of -1.0 degrees. They reset the rear toe which resulted in nearly 0 degrees thrust. I can't recall which way -1.0 would have directed the rear, would it have steered the rear right or left? Could this have compounded the tire wear caused by the excessive toe?