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Hi Henry- congrats on the 500e

if you do a search, you'll find plenty of info on:

>cooling harness piggy tail (JimF)
>Redline "Water Wetter"

also, you first should't ignore checking the basics:
>coolant condition/ mixture
>proper aux fan operations (3 speeds)/ sensors/relays etc.
>hoses, etc.

...sounds like your aux fans weren't kicking in if you hovered near red for an extended period: JimF's site has info on stock fan kick in temps w/ also info on mod'd lower'd kick in temps with his piggy tail...

with the piggy tail and proper mechanical cooling system operation (fan/coolant/H20 pump/etc) 500e/e500 temps should not normally see 95 even idling in 100degree ambient temps

good luck and let us know what turns's worth checking into now with such low miles on your car.

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