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I will agree on the mecanical point of view, but from the quemical point, oil on a diesel engine has to deal with a lot harser enviroment, specially the byproducts or diesel cumbustion, solfur is a killer, it used to be that the sulfur content on diesel fuel in here was more that 1% p/p way over the limits of any manufaturer, actually at those levels they recomend changing oil every 50 hours. an engine with 4000 hours was in great shape but the ring where literally gone. Now since 4 or 5 years ago the goverment had to comply with the intrenational standars of no more than .5% p/p wich is rigth onthe limits of wath engine manufactures will allow. I am not sure but i think the sulfur content of american diesel in no more than .1% p/p.
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