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It still has roll? You need a 4-matic wagon, you'd be surprised how much better they take hard turns. I've heard from old dealer techs that got to take all of the new cars out to a test track that the 4-matic wagon was consistently the second fastest on the track behind the 190E 16V, not b/c of power (185hp) but b/c they had surprising grip in the curves. I work on Mercedes all day, every day for the last decade. There are few mercedes that feel as tight in a turn as a 124ch 4-matic wagon.

I sincerely doubt that a coilover setup would help with body roll enough to justify the effort involved. The current setup has the strut serving double duty as the upper pivot point for the steering knuckle. Without it you'll have some serious engineering to do just to hold the car up, much less produce acceptable geometry.
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