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Unhappy rough idle

Dear all,

I now owned a 95 SL for more than 2 months and it is a great car. It has 60 K miles on it. When i got the car, the 60K miles maintenance was performed. New spark plugs, new oil, oil filter, air filter, fuel filter, transmission fluid and filter. New engine mount was replaced. The car idles rough especially in the morning when cold. The RPM fluctuate between 800-1000. If I press the gas pedal steady, sometimes the idle fluctuate itself between 1000-15000 rpm. Once engine is warm, i still feel significant vibration, more so in neutral than in drive with slight but definite fluctuation in RPM. The car drive very well without any hesitancy.
I took the car to 2 independent shops. There was no fault codes. They change spark plugs without any improvement. I put in 4 techtron and 2 redline fuel injector cleanser without any changes. The wiring harness was inspected and said to be OK.

What else should i be looking for?
thanks in advance
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