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76 and 83 240D engine difference? or..OM616 into W115

Hey, got a few questions. I have two 240Ds, one's a 76 with an auto and the other is an 83 with a stick. I originally bought them both to part out. I am building a diesel-powered 31 Ford Model A, and these two cars were bought for their drivetrains, or so I thought. The 76 was bought sight unseen, I was told it ran great but some frame sections were rotted. Turns out, one part of the frame was rotted, and it's easily fixable. The motor runs good, maybe a little hard to start (and I hate that stupid starting plunger, I like the key much better). The rest of the car is pretty nice, so I'm thinking it's too nice to part out. So, I bought the 83, which is legitimately too far gone to fix. Still runs great, though, and it's a stick, which is what I wanted originally.
So, here's my dilemma. I could just pull the guts out of the 83 and use all that, but the engine in the 76 is just WAY nicer looking for what I want to do. It's simpler, and just looks like a more proper engine for a hot rod. I know it sounds stupid, but with the nature of this project, the aesthetics of the engine are very important. So, I wanted to know what the differences are with these two motors. I'm thinking about pulling the engine from the 76 and using that, along with the trans from the 83, and using the motor from the 83 and dropping that back into the 76. That way, I'll have what I want-good looking, simple motor with the stickshift in the Model A, and a good-running later motor and auto in the 76. Can this be done? What problems might I encounter?
Thanks to all for your help.

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