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I purchased a '95 S500 in June with 48,000 mile on it.

I love this car. My S500 is like a beautiful woman that I am madly in love with. The bad news is, it really hurts when a beautiful women breaks your heart.

Two weeks after I purchased it the starter went ($500). A month later, I found out that I needed new rear shocks ($2000). Thanksgiving weekend, I was hit while at a stop sign ($6000, which my insurance paid for of course). (This S Class is solid. I got out of the car thinking there was no damage to my car, while the Nissan Altima that hit me was totaled.)

Ever since I have owned the car, the SRS stays lit for two minutes after the car is first started, then turns off. No one seems to be able to get to get to the root of this problem, along with some other gremlins.

To continue with the women analogy; the Lexus will be the perfect wife in every way, while the S Class will drive you crazy from time to time. But it is so big, beautiful and magnificent, that you will learn to love it unconditionally.

Good Luck.
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