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Originally Posted by Big Jim View Post
Hello all, I plan on replacing my fuel injectors and removing the intake manifold and cleaning it and the whatever gunk I see behind it. I read Parrott Of Dooms excellent writeup about the intake removal and cleaning. He has the turbo 97 D across the pond and it looks somewhat different than my N/A model. Is there another link out there with the DIY for the U. S. model for this procedure?
I received the necesary parts from Phil recently. The rebuilt injectors with heat shields, the special socket for them, intake gasket, and intake o rings. Am I missing anything? Any input for this project would be very helpful. Thanks in advance. Jim

When removing the crossover pipe, be aware that there is a resonator control switch on the underside of the pipe, which is hard to see when looking at it from above. You need to carefully unplug the electrical connections, along with the vacuum lines prior to removing the pipe. Just make a note of where vacuum lines go so they can be replaced in the proper order. There is also a small vacuum line that feeds into the intake manifold itself, and is readily visible. Good luck with your project.
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