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Thanks for Input

Thanks for the input guys...

Let me see if I understand the analogies...If you want to go for the sexxy, monied, large bre-sted the Mercedes....It may cost more to keep her happy...but when she is happy,,,,you are in heaven !! When she is misbehaving, you will hate her !

If you want to go for the reasonably sexxy, mild mannered, woman who has worked a few days in her life and who will appreciate everything you the Lexus...she will never complain, will not cause problems, will be steady as a rock, generally a low maintenance parties, she wont grab as much attention as the "other" lady referenced above !

I think I get the picture......As much as I like the sexxy lady...I dont know if I can afford her....yet....

Maybe I should buy the Lexus...Who cares what the neighbors think anyway ?? right ? Its what makes you happy that counts!

Either way, it beats the he-l out of my fist car...a borrowed 1967 Plymouth Valiant, Slant 6, bad ball joints, no ac and retreads !!

Thanks again everyone..I appreciate your replies
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