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I've got all three -- 123, 124, 210. The 210 is far more electronic, far harder to figure out what is going on with out a code reader. OTOH, the electronic things tend to be very reliable -- but when they don't, look out, you can't repair them, only replace them. The 606 diesel has a lot of similarities to the 603 and is overall probably just as good -- some would argue better, since the 606 has less sensitivity to cracking its head if overheated. Clearly, any engine is happier if not abused. "Keep the oil clean and watch the coolant temp" was advice given just today by my mechanic to a new owner I introduced.

The 210 is far more modern than the 124 which itself is a leap over the 123. A lot of the decision rests upon your personal desires and always, I recommend that you buy the car that has the best set of service records, so that you know its history, for good or for ill.


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