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This is turning into a very interesting thread.

The Laws of Physics definitely predict the metal will expand when heated. In most simple geometries the diameter of a hole will expand, as will the diameter of a shaft and so on. The geometry of a hole in a shape as complex as an aluminum cylinder head will change according to the Laws of Physics applied to the entire volume of the head, taking its internal and external features and shapes into consideration. It is not clear that the diameter will expand evenly or consistently for the entire length of the hole though.

In the end the hole for the spark plug will change dimensions, but before I would bet a lot of anything on the outcome, I would either check it with a guage hot and cold, or I would run a finite element analysis to identify how the shape changes as it heats up. Any relief you get from the diameter growing will likely be offset by the length change, making the threads a slightly different pitch, kind of like an interference fit. In addition, the mechanical properties of aluminum degrade with temperature, and a head at normal operating temperature is more likely to let go of the threads than it would be at room temperature.

The primary argument to change the plug cold is the engine was designed to be assembled at room temp and should be disassembled at the same temp. Any tricks of the trade, like adding penetrant when it is hot to help draw it into the thread are great to know, so thanks for the tips. Jim
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