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Heading to the shop

Thanks guys for the help. I miss the rush of 6300 RPM's.

I printed out the thread where Eric had the exact same problem that turned out to be a faulty kickdown switch.

I will give that to my tech.

A few questions:

>What other work should be done to the tranny?
>I am at 88k, should I do the timing chain now? (I do plan on getting to Pocono this spring/summer for a little fun)
>Should I insist on the S0-3's or let him put the Pirelli 6000's on?

I ordered K&N filters. Do I need the carbon Fiber box that rennTech sells for $950?

What is the ruling on the PAD/E-Prom chip for an early 500E (Oct 1991)? Will it help me?

Thanks agian,

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