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i too was torn between a ls400 and well really nothing!at the time i was 98% committed to the lexus,so i took a 7000 km demo with my wife(after all it WAS going to be her car-honest!!)anyway we took the lexus big deal of a ride-competent,quiet and solid.we went for lunch and i told my wife that i'd always wanted to try a after lunch we get into a 4 yr old s320 with 60,000 kms.well,this car was everything a car should be but you don't know it until your exposed to it and then you wonder why everbody can't build them like this!!buy the benz and you won't regret it,buy the lexus and you'll always be wondering about the benz.sure you might have repairs but is your wife trouble free?!
'95 s500 (bought for wife but can't bear to share!!!) 125kms
'92 legend 180kms
'88 tbirdturbo(fantastic car-only regular maint.)120kms
'87 mustang gt(gone)
'86 tbirdturbo(gone)
'85 mustang gt(gone-but not forgotten)
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