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On the subject of oil leaks on 104 engines, it may be of interest to everyone that Benz put out a few [ 3 that I know of] TSB's
on up-dating owners manuals in regards to engine oil capacity.
The main point was to tell owneres to change the capacity specs on that page from 7.5L to 7L.
They also said this would be taken care of at the Dealers on an on-going basis until a manual supplement came out.
Another TSB followed that saying dipstick readings on these engines should be checked at 80C and that ideal level was at Mid-Point on the dip. Engine operation and damage could result if not followed.
Does this have anything to do with the common 104 oil leaks ???
Don't know, but sounds like they had something coming back at them....
Does the 104 high engine running temps that Benzs says
" Normal-have No Fear " have anything to do with head gasket failure ???? Would not surprise me....

SB has mentioned a better gasket [ can't remember of hand].
but I think if one does have to do a gasket, check into both the gasket brand and NEW BOLTS.
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