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Lee, Your right it's normal.

In the 400E/500E Introduction Book, there is a specific concerning the delay of upshift from 1-2, this is active when coolant is below 40 C.

It reads as follows:
The upshift delay occurs:

After exceeding a vehicle speed of 5 mph for 8-13 seconds up to a maximum of 24 mph.

The 1-2 upshift delay is controlled by then LH control Unit and the first gear start relay (K29/1) which is located in the fuse and relay box, position "E".

A malfunction of the delay is stored as impulse readout "29" in the LH control unit's malfunction memory.

In my instance it doesn't shift until After I stop at my first stop sign coming out of my house in the morning. The sign is approx. 150 feet from the driveway. Not one to floor it until it is warm I haven't forced it to shift until the next stop sign which is when I have exceeded the 24 MPH boundary.

There is also a upshift delay for the 2-3 upshift to help heat the catalyst. It raises the point of the shift. No more details in this booklet, but you are referred to the MY 1992 140 Introduction manual in Group 27.

The 1-2 delay only pertains to model 124.034 (400E)

A couple of items I am wondering about are: The wiper of the 500E has an extended reach of 4mm over the other models. Is the blade longer or the arm longer?

The Headlight units have Auxialry high beams instead of Fog lights. When I looked inside it seemed that the yellow portion (reflector) for the fog light was contained inside, Can it be removed or is the pattern/assembly completely different ( I would assume yes)?

Just curious?

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